Why fly with us

We want all our clients to feel that every trip we arrange for them is the only trip that we are arranging.

It's all about you


We’ll always go above and beyond to create bespoke travel plans that provide unique experiences.


We put safety first, going beyond FAA requirements and holding the highest industry certification with Wyvern.

People First

We’re a business with a heartbeat, putting people at the center of everything we do.


There’s just one life and it’s there for living. We dedicate our efforts to always finding the small moments that make a difference to our clients. We give them something “if only for just a second” to let them know that in this fast-paced world, someone is thinking about them and giving them a chance to zoom in and be present in the moment.

Being present in the moment isn’t always easy so this is our opportunity to show the way to the here and now. And when we relax and take it easy, the world opens up.


Before you even step on board, you can be certain that we have taken a thorough approach to all aspects of your safety and security. Adhering to the highest standards in the industry, our Wyvern accreditation means we undertake regular audits and apply rigorous standards for safety, service and logistics.

Our safety record is impeccable and we will always recommend the safest option for your private travel needs as we strive to always be the best-in-class aviation service provider.

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We will always put our clients at the heart of everything we do. Arranging the right flight, the right aircraft and the right price is of course, our commitment to you. But more than that, is how you feel when you put your trust in us. We want to establish a real rapport with you, to understand what is important to you so that we can do our best to deliver. We’ll consider everyone traveling with you, their needs and expectations, to quietly and discreetly allow you to take a breath and just savor the moment.

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