Sales and acquisitions

What you can expect from Ryan Aviation Group when you hire us to represent you in your aircraft acquisition.


We will conduct a full market review to locate the aircraft for you, including:
• A worldwide search of all the aircraft that meet your criteria
• Determine pricing trends of the market for the past 6 months and future values
• Analyze your short and long term aircraft requirements
• Define your ownership and investment strategy
• Prepare an acquisition budget

We will undertake a complete evaluation and analysis of the aircraft for you, including:
• Identify the top three aircraft candidates
• Field inspect the aircraft, flight records and log books
• Evaluate the mechanical and cosmetic conditions and mod status of each aircraft
• Arrange demonstration flights

We will undertake contract consultation and negotiations for the aircraft and will:
• Advise you on the final aircraft selection and set the purchase strategy
• Negotiate the contract and contingencies of sale
• Arrange and monitor the pre-purchase inspection
• Advise you on tax and other issues

We will arrange delivery and provide assistance with implementation of your aircraft and will:
• Assist with all acceptance flight, delivery and FAA documentation
• Coordinate all delivery details
• Assist with the transition flight crew
• Assist with any refurbishment of the aircraft, including developing a work scope and competitive bid of the project
• Perform any follow-up tasks required

During the entire process you can be assured that at Ryan Aviation Group, we scrupulously protect the privacy of all our clients.

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